Measurement device for the mainsfrequency micromax-f

Measuring range 45 Hz to 65 Hz / Accuracy ± 1 mHz / Resolution 0.1 mHz

Frequency measurement

  • Measuring range:45 Hz to 65 Hz
  • Accuracy 1s measuring period:± 1 mHz
  • Accuracy 100 ms measuring period:± 5 mHz
  • Resolution:0.1 mHz
  • Power on time: < 4 seconds
  • Download:Datasheet_MainsfrequencyMeter_V23.pdf

Measuring device

  • Mains adapter:230 V / 6 V AC
  • Power consumption:< 4.5 VA
  • Current consumption:< 450 mA
  • Operating temperature range:-25 °C to +85 °C
  • Storage temperature range:-40 °C to +85 °C


  • Dimensions (LWH):120 * 117 * 45 mm
  • Weight:ca. 350 g
  • Degree of protection:IP30

Scope of delivery

  • Measurement device micromax-f
  • 6 V AC power supply (230 V)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Information sheet (MAC address, serial number)
  • Version -fgps: External GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) with 5 m cable
  • Version -fext: Additional measuring transformer 75 V to 400 V



The compact micromax-f measuring device enables the network frequency to be recorded quickly and precisely. It is therefore suitable for the provision of primary control power, for the detection of island networks, and for the fast shutdown of loads (FFR - Firm Frequency Response) as a frequency relay.

With a cyclical calibration of the time base, a high measurement accuracy of ± 1 mHz is achieved. The frequency measuring device is therefore also suitable for using the degree of freedom in providing primary control power (frequency containment reserve), for example in battery storage systems.

The measuring device is designed for easy installation and commissioning. In the standard version, the electrical installation is limited to connecting the transformer to the power grid, as the voltage supply is also used as a measurement signal. Only a few configuration steps are necessary for setup, such as setting the required IP address and switching on Modbus/TCP.

The measuring device offers:

  • Second values of the network frequency with ± 1 mHz accuracy (with -fgps synchronous to GPS time)
  • Moving average of the network frequency over one second (1000 ms), updated every 10 ms
  • Temporally high-resolution measurement with moving average over 100 ms, 150 ms or 200 ms measuring period (accuracy ± 5 mHz), e.g. for automatic frequency relief (AFR)
  • Static IP address or DHCP client
  • Web server for querying the measurement data via xml, as well as for configuring the measuring device
  • Web client for active sending of the measured values via UDP
  • Modbus/TCP server (slave) for integration into Modbus systems (e.g. connection to PLC)
  • Modbus/RTU server (slave) via RS485 (only variant -f485)
  • Measuring device and power supply unit with bracket for top-hat rail mounting

The measuring device is available in different versions.

Identifier micromax-ffextfgpsfgpsextf485
Accuracy 1 mHzxxxxx
Resolution 0.1 mHzxxxxx
Ethernet xml xxxxx
Modbus/TCP xxxxx
Modbus/RTU via RS485 x
Frequency measurement via
   • Internal power supply
   • External measuring input





GNSS receiver
(GPS, Glonass, Galileo)

The micromax-f is recommended for mains frequency measurements with a maximum deviation of ±1 mHz.

If the exact UTC time is to be saved with the measured values, or if the relative angles of the phasors between different locations are to be compared, then we recommend the version micromax-fgps with GPS/GNSS.

For measurements in networks with a high proportion of harmonics (e.g. if a high proportion of the power of the transformer is obtained from frequency converters), we recommend the option with an external measuring input micromax-fext or micromax-fgpsext. This means that a voltage in the range from 75 V bis 400 V can be used as a measurement signal (e.g. measuring transducer 100 V output).

Further information can be found in the micromax-f data sheet.
(German datasheet micromax-f)

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